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Millionaire Chess 2016 – Nairobi Edition


Over the past 2 weeks chess players in Kenya have been in a depressed mood.  This is due to the current wrangles between two opposing factions who are seeking control of Chess Kenya.  To make matters worse for the players is the fact that Kenya is on the verge of missing the upcoming 2016 Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan due to non payment of FIDE bills.

News from “The Lords of Chess” – FIDE.

Is there going to be anything that will cheer Kenyan chess players in the next few weeks?

Well the good news is that the Nairobi Edition of Millionaire Chess is set to take place on 9th & 10th July 2016.  There are no further details on this but these are expected to be released shortly.  This event is once again sponsored by Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa.

Kenya was very fortunate last year when one of the founders of Millionaire Chess the charismatic Amy Lee was in town for the prize giving ceremony.  Amy Lee who is an intrepid traveller will unfortunately not be coming to Kenya this year.

We will instead have GM Maurice Ashley (co-founder of Millionaire Chess) who will be in Nairobi during the event.  This is excellent news for Kenya and is expected to generate great excitement amongst the small but vibrant chess community.

Grandmaster Marice Ashley presents a USD 100,000 first prize cheque with Amy Lee to the winner GM Hikaru Nakamura. (photo credit David Llada).

His visit comes hot on the heels of the visit by International Grandmaster Georg Mohr and his wife WFM Narcisa Mihevc-Mohr both of Slovenia who have been in Nairobi for the past 10 days.

GM Maurice Ashley is a well know personality in the world of chess.  Check out his video that went viral a few months ago – GM Maurice Ashley thrash talking video.

For more news on GM Maurice Ashley’s visit – Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa.

Other Grandmasters who have visited Kenya from 2013 include former World Champion Garry Kasparov,  GM Dejan Antic (Serbia) and GM Nigel Short (England).  Each visit by a Grandmaster has generated immense interest in the general public and within chess players.

Millionaire Chess will take be held in Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, USA from 6th to 10th October 2016.  The entry fee is USD 499 if paid before 31st May 2016 before it increases to USD 549.

For the fanatical chess player the Millionaire Chess tournament is a dream event.  Where can ordinary mortals rub shoulders with some of the best players in the world including GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Fabiano Caruana and GM Gata Kamsky?

Those who wish to jump right in and register for the main event and without waiting for the Nairobi edition here is the link! Register for MC3.

GM Gata Kamsky (photo credit David Llada).

We are also fortunate that Millionaire Chess has signed on the world famous David Llada to be the event photographer.  You can bet your last dollar that we will see a huge number of fantastic photos not just of the grandmasters but of ordinary players  who add so much vibrancy and colour to the game of chess.

The world’s most sought after chess photographer David Llada and the charming Amy Lee. (photo credit David Llada with a remote!).

David Llada’s photos have graced most of the best chess magazines over the years and more on his work can be found on his website – David Llada.

Carolina Blanco
The alluring Carolina Blanco of Venezuela at the Millionaire Chess 2 edition in Las Vegas. She is Dr Carolina Blanco and a WIM. She is a 15 times Venezuela Champion 1998-2005 and two times Pan-American Ladies Champion. (photo credit David Llada).
Adia Onyango in her beautiful authentic outfit. (Photo credit David Llada).

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