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The 1st Utawala Chess Rapids & Blitz Tournament


We present a report by Tom Amwai who was the organiser of this event.

The tournament was initially organised for those players who did not travel out of the town for the festive season.

Four players showed interest and I decided, let us not be mean, we can invite other chess players to battle on a chess board during Boxing Day.  After making personal calls I got a total of 22 players who showed interest. There are others who showed interest but unfortunately, they were out of Nairobi.

The prize money was small, but that did not scare chess players from travelling from all corners of the town to Mavens Education & Chess Centre in Utawala.  Mavens Education & Chess Centre is located in Utawala which is approximately 10 kilometres from JKIA on the Eastern Bypass.  Utawala is home to training colleges for the Administration Police, General Service Unit and the Kenya Army.  Chess is a superb sport in this kind of environment.

Venue of the event.

I contacted Charles Mwangi who was the only arbiter in the tournament. He helped me with the preparation.  One chess mum (name withheld for privacy) sponsored me with KES 1,000 (USD 10).  George Ochieng had promised to attend but could not make it because he was sick.  He send us KES 500.  Thank you George Ochieng.  I wish you a quick recovery.

James Panchol (left) who won the event takes on Joseph Methu.

The prize money was fixed at 1st prize KES 3,000 2nd prize KES 2,000 and 3rd prize KES 1,000.  Total KES 6,000.  Registration fee was KES 300.

17 players paid 17 x KES 300 = KES 5,100.  I topped the balance with the sponsor’s cash.

Food was subsidised.  One plate for rice beef goes for KES 60. The players paid KES 20 shillings to get the food. (KES 60-20= KES 40 x 22 = KES 880 that was on food.

We organised a Blitz event which I sponsored with KES 1,000.  The players registered with KES 100  The top 3 shared the cash in the ratio of 50%, 30% and 20% from the total collected.  10 players showed interest in the Blitz. A total of KES 2,000 was raised.

Final standing

1.James Panchol with 6pts- KES 3,000
2. Joseph Methu 5.5pts – KES 2,000
3. Joseph Atwoli 5pts – KES 1,000
1. Joseph Atwoli. 6.5 pts KES 1,000
2. Joseph Methu 5.5 pts KES 600
3. Madol Panchol 5 pts  KES 400

It was a small event but we thank God it was successful as planned.  John Mukabi lent us 5 clocks. Philip Singe lent us 5 clocks.

Registration 17 players 17 x KES 300= KES 5,100
Sponsor KES 1,000
George Ochieng KES 500
Mavens Education & Chess Centre KES 3,780
Total KES 5,100+1,000+ 500+ 3,780 = KES 10,380.
Prize money- rapids and blitz
(KES 60,00+ KES 2,000)= KES 8,000
Food KES 880
Chief Arbiter – KES 1,500
Total (KES 8,000+ 880+1500) = KES 10,380.

Special thanks to the sponsors Mavens Education & Chess Centre for providing the venue, the Arbiter (Charles Mwangi) and all the chess players who attended.

Bryan Adorwa holds his head in agony!