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Chess Crusader


I feel good. I feel like I am a Chess Crusader.

I had a parent who over the past few months been asking me to find a chess coach for her son and a few of his friends. I just could not find somebody until last week. I have managed to link her up with a chess player who is going to start teaching in November.

The parent lived in Embakasi area of Nairobi and thought that it would not be easy to find someone but hey that is the good thing about Facebook and Twitter.

Talking about Embakasi – This is the area that has one of our old airports. The new airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is built fairly close to the Embakasi one. Embakasi Airport brings some fond memories of the 1970s. At this airport there was a waving base! So after you said bye to your friend you went upstairs and waited at the waving base to say a final bye to your friends and loved one. That was not all! There was a restaurant next to the waving base where we would then go for a drink with my parents while we waited for the flight to take off. You are asking yourself how? Well this restaurant had a huge window facing the runaway where you could see the flight take off! Then you knew that your friends had left……

I have provided a link for some old photos