Home Chess Tournaments 20th November 2011 – A speed chess contest.

20th November 2011 – A speed chess contest.


I was in charge of a 40 player speed chess contest over the weekend.  Why do I spend my Sunday doing these kind of things?? Why my friends and family ask me.  I really have no answer.  I guess I just love making things happens for chess players.  Only wish my skills at the board were so good.

In this photo Ben Magana (left) seems surprised that Kevin Riungu played h6.  The  first clock is the  “Thiel”, next one UMF Ruhla (which could be East German), next is the Russian Jantar clock, and the next one is the Ruhla clock)

This event was sponsored by an old buddy of mine – Mehul Gohil and it was the second leg of our Grand Prix series.  I tried something new. I put all the old clocks on display – East Germany ones, West Germany, Russian, Yugoslavia, Britain (yes even Britain used to make chess clocks – Sutton Goldfield with the big flag) and put them on the top boards.  After the first round we went back to the Digital Age.

Forget the players for the moment! – Clocks are UMF Ruhla, Jankar, Ruhla, Insa & Sutton Goldfield. Players are  on right Mehul Gohil with red cap, next to him is Ed Oluoch.

Here is a brief report of the proceedings;

20th November 2011
Speed Chess Tournament Report

A total of 40 players registered for this event with many top names, Ben Magana, Mehul Gohil, Matthew Kanegeni all chasing elusive Grand Prix Points. The event was proudly sponsored by Mehul Gohil & Aslam Adam of UK. 3 Kenyan universities took part – Kenyatta University, Strathmore University and Day Star university.

Round 2 was a disaster for Mehul Gohil when he lost to Bryan Toboso and Ben Magana held on to a draw against Kevin Riungu in round 1.

In this photo Mehul Gohil tries to save his game against Bryan Toboso.

Jacktone Mony (left) from Kenyatta University takes on Peter Kinyanjui from Strathmore University.

Chess also attracts beautiful ladies – Cindy Jery of Daystar University makes her move.

Final standing

Ben Magana 5.5 points and wins KShs 10,000
Chahindi Mbiu 5.0 points and wins KShs 2,100
Matthew Kangeni 5.0 points and wins KShs 2,100
Ben Nguku 5 points and wins KShs 2,100
Sanjana Deshpande 2.5 points and wins KShs 5,000
Kenyatta University 20 points and win Universities prize