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How does a chess fanatic spend his week


Well it is a busy week for a chess fanatic……………..I tried to order for two chess clocks from the USA.  Of course it is not so easy even if you have a credit card.  It is simple – they do not ship items to Kenya.  What a pain.  About two weeks ago I did try from the UK.  It was the same as their website did not have Kenya on their website so you could not choose the destination.  Well not one to give up – I called them and they told me check two hours later.  Guess what – the problem was fixed.  So I placed an order for a DGT clock and a BHB one.  The website was www.chessdirect.co.uk.  Awesome guys………..

The only problem I have is that it is now 21 days and I have not received the clocks…. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to get them soon. Please please please.

 So back to the USA.  I asked my niece to order for me and bring them for me.  I asked for 2 BHB clocks with the transparent body.  I think these clocks are cool as you can see whether you need to wind them or not.

Why do I need all these clocks you may ask.  I run chess events in Kenya and hence need the equipment.  After browsing various sites I found that a Jerger clock with the wooden stand (see my earlier post) is available at USD +200!!

I also found out that you can get great clocks for about Euro 40 which are wooden and look really cool. So why not get a nice looking clock while you are at it.  Website is https://www.schachversand.de

I have decided that I will order at least one of these cool looking machines.  Perhaps the order will be for two of them. Who knows.

We have a chess event this Sunday incase you want to take part. It will be at the Goan Gymkhana in Nairobi so feel free to come over. But register first as we have limited spaces available.