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Day 1 of the Team Uganda v Nairobi Chess Club match or “Battle for Migingo”

Battle for Migingo.
Battle for Migingo. Githinji Hinga (left) takes on Haruna Nsubuga of Uganda whiles Jules Cerera of Nairobi Chess Club looks on.

It was  a fun day today at the Goan Gymkhana.  Nairobi Chess Club lost 4 nil in round 1 and in round 2 got 1.5 points thanks to a win from Peter Gilruth who played Bob Bibasa and a draw from Mehul Gohil who play Arthur Ssegwanyi.  I will post the games for readers to follow.

There was a small but enthusiastic crowd of supporters who came for the event.  The event was even graced by some BigWigs of Chess Kenya – The Chairman – Andolo Ambasi, Vice Chairman Francis Ngesa and committee member Mary Kanyua were all there to see part of the action.

Elections for Chess Kenya are due this year so I guess it is important for BigWigs to come out and do some PR stuff.