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Day 2 – Team Uganda v Nairobi Chess Club


Well it was a great fight.  I guess for those who missed the action. Only one photo manages to capture the spirit of chess………….

Bob Bibasa of Uganda either shocked or horrified by Mehul ‘s move.

At the end of day 1 Nairobi Chess Club were left licking their wounds with a 4-nil loss in round 1 and a 2.5 – 1.5 point loss in round 2.

Round 1
Round 2
Wanyama H (1) vs Mehul G (0)
Bibasa B G (0) vs Gilruth P (1)
Githinji H (0)  vs Bibasa B G (1)
Mehul G (1/2) vs Ssegwanyi A (1/2)
Ssegwanyi A (1) vs Magana B (0)
Nsubuga H (1) vs Githinji H (0)
Gilruth P (0) vs Nsubuga H (1)
Magana B (0) vs Wanyama H (1)
Day 2 was not so good for Nairobi Chess Club who went down 4 nil in round 3 and recovered to win round 4 with 2.5 – 1.5 points.
Round 3
Round 4
Ssegwanyi A (1) vs Gilruth P (0)
Gilruth P  (1) vs Wanyama H (0)
Magana B (0) vs Bibasa B G (1)
Bibasa B G (1/2) vs Mehul G (1/2)
Wanyama H (1) vs Githingi H (0)
Githinji H (0) vs Ssegwanyi A (1)
Mehul G (0) vs Nsubuga H (1)
Nsubuga H (0) vs Magana B (1)

The overall result was that Team Uganda won the series with an overall score of 12-4.

The victorious Uganda Team with their “Migingo” trophy. Kim Bhari Chairman of Nairobi Chess Club holds the trophy.

The participants hold their trophies. Christopher Turyahabwe (second from left) the Secretary of the Uganda Chess Federation was the manager of the team. This event was sponsored by Peter Gilruth who is the Vice-Chairman of Nairobi Chess Club and Tarpo Industries Ltd (www.tarpo.com)
Nairobi Chess Club have promised to have a return match next year!