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Kenyan chess makes it into main stream media and on to Chessbase!! WOW


I guess this has been a good week for Kenyan chess.

We had two articles in the national newspapers – The first article appeared in the Daily Nation which is the Kenya biggest newspaper and then also in The Star which provided 2 colour photos as well

I am happy that chess is back in main stream media.

The big story was when Chessbase published the story of Nairobi Chess Clbu playing Team Uganda. OK it was only on their German site but hey – chess is making progress in Kenya!!

See the link – http://www.chessbase.de/nachrichten.asp?newsid=12710.

Daa’im Shabaaz left takes on Akello Atwoli at the Checkmates Chess Club in Downtown Nairobi

Daa’im posing with chess players from Kenya. From left Mehul Gohil, unknown, Githinji Hinga, Daa’im, Akello Atwoli, Martin Oyamo

In fact www.chessbase.com is my best chess site followed by www.thechessdrum.net which is maintained by Daa’im Shabaaz who visited Nairobi on 17th May 2010.  I got chance to meet him and took him to see some chess action at the now defunct “Checkmates Chess Club”.