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Update on the Chess Kenya AGM

Steve Ouma contemplates his move during a recent event

Gosh a lot happens in one week in Kenya.

You will remember that Mary Kanyua resigned in a huff and puff about 2 weeks ago. Well last week another committee member Steve Ouma (see photo on the left from the 2010 Olympiad selection event held on 6th February 2010 at the Sandton Hotel, Nairobi) stated that he will not be standing for any post during the forthcoming AGM.

Things seem to be getting hot for the current office bearers.  Last week the petitioners were asked to present their case to the Commissioner of Sports Mr Gordon Oluoch.  A few days later he met with officials from Chess Kenya.

Crunch date is 5th April 2012 when both officials from Chess Kenya and petitioners meet the Commissioner of Sports.  This is crazy as the National Championship and Olympiad selection tournament is supposed to start on 6th April 2012 and run over Easter.  That is another story about the National Championship.

Mary Kanyua was the coordinator of the event and now that she has resigned nobody is sure if the event is going ahead or not.

I told you that we may not be strong in chess but our politics is hot hot hot!!!.

I also got my notice for the AGM and this means that I will be there in the thick of things reporting live as the action happens!!

The strange thing is that I have not seen any team being formed to contest the elections? Or perhaps they feel that there will be no elections?