Home Chess Tournaments A blistering pace set up by Westlands Chess Club

A blistering pace set up by Westlands Chess Club

Brian Obilo (left) v Kais Mussa

 This weekend saw the newly formed Westlands Chess Club run their 3rd event this year. This was the WeCC Youth Open Chess Tournament which commenced on 31st March and finished on 1st April 2012.  A total of 18 junior took part and we even had the Citizen TV crew there who interviewed Paras Gudka – the driver behind WeCC.  We hope to get you this news clip especially the part where he blasts Chess Kenya for not doing enough to promote the game……………… Of course the reaction was swift from certain quarters – the Ex Committee member (who resigned two weeks ago) of Chess Kenya Mary Kanyau commented on a different forum Much as I resigned from CK, I feel thats it reflects negatively on you to criticise CK, rather than talking good stuff about WCC. Question is, did you lack info to give Citizen about WCC?”

Final results: 1st Place – Brian Obilo (5 points); 2nd Place – Kais Mussa (4.5 points); 3rd Place – Akkshay Khoslaa (4.5 points); 4th Place – Krishi Shah (4 points); 5th Place – Sharanya Iyengar (4 points). Raffle prizes (gift vouchers from Nairobi Sports House) went to Mary Gathoni and Avi Mathur.

Avi Mathur (left) takes on Kayln Mussa

Photos – by Paras Gudka – www.chesseventseac.com