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D-Day 5th April 2012 – Future of Chess Kenya?


5th April 2012 is D-Day.  The petitioners and Chess Kenya officials have been asked to meet the Commissioner of Sports Gordon Oluoch at his office at 9am.  I have been asked to attend but decided to excuse myself…….I may still decide to go and make some noise depending on my work pressure.  I am sure many of you must be wondering who is who in Chess Kenya and who is Gordon Oluoch.  Photo taken 14th March 2010 at the Sandton Hotel, Nairobi during the closing ceremony of the 2009/10 National League Prize Giving Ceremony.  I am not sure what will come out of this meeting.  Will there be real progress?   Here we have an association that is in complete disarray.  The National Championship is meant to start on Easter Friday.  There has been complete silence from Chess Kenya.  I will keep you updated as and when I get some news.

From left L.Kagambi Secretary General, A Ambasi Chairman , Gordon Oluoch Commissioner of Sports