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My first chess book


I am sure that most chess players fondly remember their first chess book.  In my case it was Fred Reinfeld’s classic “Great Games by Chess Prodigies.  There used to be a book-shop called “Sadler’s Book Shop” on Moi Avenue (or as it was called in those days – Government Road).

I think I got this book in 1975 and loved it ever since.  The explanations are not too detailed and hence easy to go through and enjoy.  I recently decided to go through it once again and enjoy the book.

My copy of this book had a checkered history.  I once lent it to my friend and when he returned it – I almost freaked out.  He had taken a blue biro pen and ticked each move as he played the games!!  As if that was not enough he translated into Urdu some of the difficult English words in the introduction.  Well that was the last book that I lent him!!