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My Jerger Chess Clock – well my second one!


What does a chess fanatic do when he wants something to do with chess?  Well simple.  One visits ebay.com and searches for what one needs.  For the Jerger clock this is what I did.  Searching on ebay.com did not get me what I wanted and then a brainwave struck!  Visit ebay.de, the German site.

The KShs 9,000 Jerger!

I found one and managed to win the bid at Euro 25, plus postage and insurance at Euro 35 and 3 weeks later it was delivered after paying a further KShs 1,415 duty and VAT.  Total cost = KShs 9,000 or Euro 80.  Was it worth it? Of course it was.

The second photo shows my family of Jerger clocks.  The one on the left is the older Jerger which I have had to get it repaired on more than one occasion.   One ticker is red and one is black!  I do not think it was designed like that.

My Jerger family!

I have another 3 Jerger clocks which I will display shortly. One is a much older wooden Jerger, one is plastic and another is a Blitz clock with a 5 minute only display.