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Update on the 5th April 2012 Chess Kenya meeting

P Singe

Well guys and gals here is an update of what transpired today.

The meeting was attended by the following;

Prof Wilson Langat – Sports Secretary
Gordon Oluoch – Commissioner of Sports
Douglas Ratemo – Chief Sports Officer
Francis Ngesa – Vice-Chairman Chess Kenya
Larry Kagambi – Secretary General Chess Kenya
Steve Ouma – Committee Member Chess Kenya
Dr Victor Ngani – Petitioner
John Mukabi – Petitioner
Philip Singe – Petitioner
Githinji Hinga – Petitioner

It was  a stormy meeting that lasted 2 hours and the end game is that a 9 men committee will be appointed and made up of 3 Chess Kenya officials, 3 petitioners, 1 from Kenya National Sports Council,  1 from National Olympic Committee of Kenya and 1 from the Ministry.  Last time I gave you photos of the Chess Kenya officials and thought that it was good idea to show you who is leading the petitioners.

John Mukabi (right) with Mehul Gohil

The other points are that the AGM set for 22nd April 2012 and the 2012 National Championship  has been postponed to a later date.

Dr Victor Ngani in pensive mood – 13th Dec 10

Githinji Hinga in action 12th Feb 12