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Update On The Intrigues & Politics On Kenyan Chess


You will remember that I had mentioned earlier that we now have an interim committee that is supposed to run chess from 22nd April 2012.  It is made up of 9 people – 3 Chess Kenya officials, 3 petitioners, one official from the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK), one from Kenya National Sports Council (KNSC) and one from the Ministry.

The petitioners have announced their line up – We have Dr Victor Ngani, Paras Gudka and Githinji Hinga.  I call them our “Warriors”.  All three have been on the forefront for change and I wish them the best of luck in this difficult time for Kenyan Chess.  I will give you a brief CV for each;

Dr Victor Ngani – is a medical doctor and is the Chairman for the Doctors Union.

Githinji Hinga – is a computer consultant and has been one player who has constantly fought to bring sanity to Chess Kenya.

Paras Gudka – is a website/graphic designer.  He is the founder of Westlands Chess Club, www.chesseventseac.com (our local version of www.chessbase.com).

The other big news is that if you want to follow on what is happening in Kenyan Chess then you need to join up on https://www.facebook.com/groups/KenyaChessCentral/.  The Kenya Chess Forum which was the mouth piece for all chess rebels is slowly dying as more people move on to the facebook page