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Update On The Politics Of Kenyan Chess


Well a lot has happened. You will recall that I mentioned that an Interim Committee (ICKC) has been formed to run chess for the next 6 months.  From my insider information there have been various meetings held and a final handover due this Friday. This is when all assets, liabilities and most importantly “power” is transferred.  I must admit this is long over-due in Kenyan Chess.

I have not been impressed by the behaviour of some of the officials who have arrogantly sat in office and done nothing but gone actively to sabotage efforts by chess promoters.  

We have cases of members waiting for weeks and almost begging to get their receipt from the officials.  The recent Uganda v Nairobi Chess Club event was meant to be rated but the officials kept dragging their feet and in the end it took the intervention of the FIDE Secretary General to get the event rated.  In other countries the federations would go out of their way to assist but not in our case!

Good riddance is what I say to them!!

The ICKC have announced the dates for the Olympiad Qualifiers and the dates are as follows;

  • Phase One – 19th and 20th May (7 rounds Swiss system, 60 minutes per player to finish the game)
  • Phase Two – 1st, 2nd and 3rd June
  • Phase Three – 16th, 17th, 23th, and 24th June
I have spoken to one of the officials who informed that the committee is actively looking for a nice venue and for sponsorship and I will keep you updated on the progress.