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Update On Kenyan Chess Politics – 2


Well last Friday there was a committee meeting to arrange the transfer of power.  Well things happened but not really enough.  This was the email that came to my inbox.

The Interim Chess Kenya Committee (ICKC) earlier today appointed posts within the committee as follows:
Chairman – Douglas Ratemo
Secretary – Githinji Hinga
Treasurer – Charles Nyaberi
Program Director – Paras Gudka
The meeting was attended by: Douglas Ratemo, Charles Nyaberi, Francis Ngesa, Lawrence Kagambi, Steve Ouma, Victor Ng’ani, Githinji Hinga and Paras Gudka.

There was no transfer of the assets and a full disclosure was not really done.  Well it does not matter as things seem to be moving in the right direction.  I am not too sure of what is happening to the Junior Chess Event that is scheduled for 19th and 20th May 2012 to select the final team to represent Kenya during the next  junior event.  I do hope that event goes ahead as that would generate revenue for the federation.  Apparently for last years event kids paid KShs 1,000 – KShs 1,500 and approximately 60 kids will take part.