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4th Fizza Gorilla Blitz Championship


4th Fizza Gorilla Blitz Championship

The 4th edition of the Fizza Gorilla Blitz was held on 22nd July 2012 at the Goan Gymkhana Club.  The total prize fund was KShs 30,000 (KShs 20,000 sponsored by Aslam Adam of UK and KShs 10,000 from Mehul Gohil who was one of the participants.  This contestants were preselected for this event and are amongst the best Blitzer’s in Kenya.


1. Githinji Hinga 12
2. Mehul Gohil 11
3. Martin Gateri 7.5

4. George Nderitu 7
5. Wangombe Mugo 6
6. Martin Oyamo 5.5
7. Victor Ngani 3.5
8. George Mwangi 3.5
Githinji Hinga walked away with KShs 15,000 for his effort. Congratulations for a splendid performance.
Here are some photos from that event.

Mehul Gohil (left) takes on Wangombe Mugo


Dr Victor Ngani (left) takes on veteran Martin Oyamo


George Nderitu aka Iron ‘Fist of Githurai’ (left) takes on winner Githinji Hinga