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Chess meets up with Cricket and Live Music!


23rd September 2012 will probably go down in Kenyan Chess History as the day when Chess met Cricket!

We are talking about the 2012 SAMOSA (South Asian Mosaic of Soceity & the Arts) Festival which is being held at Karurua Forest (www.friendsofkarura.org).  The organiser of this event are SOMOSA who are headed by Zarina Patel and Rajan Zahid who are also the publishers of AwaaZ Magazine (www.awaazmagazine.com).

The poster had a new design and the photo we used was enhanced using an Apple iPad thanks to my daughter.

Zarina is well known in Kenya for her fight with some greedy, grubby Nairobi City Council officials who wanted to convert Jevanjee Gardens into some kind of shopping complex.  She is the granddaughter of the famous Mr Jevanjee who bequeath the Garden to the residents of Nairobi.  She is also the author of the book about her grandfather – Challenge to colonialism the struggle of Alibhai Mulla Jeevanjee for equal rights in Kenya

You can buy her book on


The event attracted a total of only 10 players and we had Kenya’s top players in action.  Peter Gilruth and Mehul Gohil.  I have enclosed the standings;

1|Mowlid Daud Ahmed, ||2100||4.5|7.0|12.0|14.5
2|Peter Gilruth, ||2220||4|9.0|13.5|11.0
3-4|Abid Karim Roble, ||2000||3.5|9.5|15.0|9.5
|Mehul Gohil, ||2205||3.5|7.5|12.5|10.0
5|Abdi Nasser Burale, ||2000||3|6.5|10.0|10.0
6|Abdi Raham Mohamed, ||2100||2.5|8.0|12.5|8.0
7|Amon Sein, ||2000||2|7.5|12.5|5.0
8-9|Kim Bhari, ||2000||1|9.0|13.5|4.0
|Mushig Habilov, ||2000||1|7.5|12.0|3.0
10|Charles Mwangi, ||2000||0|6.5|11.5|0.0

Spectators try out a game

 Here are some photo 

Photos and articles from Nairobi Chess Club rich past
Hospitality tents
Zarina Patel tries out a game after almost 30 years!

Winner Maulid Daud Ahmed receives his trophy from Zarina Patel

Neil Thomas poses next to some of his photos which were on sale
The Karura forest club house
Mushig Habilov in action