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Hurricane Kasparov Hits Nairobi!


What a Sunday!!

We all knew that Gary Kasparov was going to visit Nairobi on 7th July and leave on 8th July 2013.  I did not think much about it as I was busy with work.

The Kenya National Junior Championship was being held during the same weekend of 6th & 7th July 2013 at the Sikh Union Club, Nairobi. Those who may not know Sikh Union was the powerhouse of Kenyan Hockey in the 1960s and 1970s.

I visited the venue in the morning and found out that Gary was due to land at 4pm.  I decided after lunch that I would be part of the guys who go to the airport to welcome our hero.  We had to wait almost 2 hours and was it worth it. Certainly.  Well here are some photos of the welcome.

Chess Kenya Secretary General Akello and Mehul Gohil

Nairobi Chess Club Supremo Kim Bhari

At the car park

The beautiful and charming Mrs Darsha Kasparov

Nouriel Roubini who was with the team

Commissioner of Sports Gordon Oluoch (left) Douglas Ratemo
from Ministry of Sports

BigWig of Chess Kenya Githinji Hinga

Gary with his full entourage was then present at the closing ceremony of the Kenya National Junior Championship.  What an event.  The hall was full of spectators who had to wait for almost 3 hours to see our hero.  Gary personally presented all the trophies, hugged the small kids, signed all the autographs the kids wanted.

Gary left the next day after meeting some government officials.  
Did Gary bring any goodies?  None so far.  However rumour has it that Kasparov Chess Foundation sponsored Githinji Hinga’s trip to South Africa to attend the closing ceremony Commonwealth Championship.