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A Tribute To Westgate.


Readers will have no doubt read about the horrible terrorist attack at our famous Westgate Shopping Mall which is situated in Westlands.

Those who do not know what I am talking about then please visit the following to catch up.



The reason for this post is just to remind us all that Westgate was birthplace of Kenya’s newest Chess Club (Westlands Chess Club or WeCC).  Paras Gudka who was the President of the club set it up in the food court of Westgate Mall.  I bring you some old photos from the club meets.  All photos courtesy of Westlands Chess Club and taken from their Facebook page.

Irfaan Juma (left in black jacket) explains a point

Mehul Gohil (left) plays the late Magesh

The late Magesh plays Adarsh Gudka

The club then found a new home at the Corner Plaza in Westlands.