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Nationalistic Feelings Running High In Kenyan Chess


You will recall my various posts on the question of non-citizen players who play for Kenya in various international events.

Let me set my comments first – I do mind non-citizen children representing Kenya as long as they qualify in a fair selection process.  After all children do not choose the country the country they live in.  If Kenyan children cannot defeat their non-citizen counterparts then tough luck.  Go back and put in the effect.

This view is not shared by many as they feel that non-citizens should just not be allowed into the National Team.  Their point is – would India or say China allow a non citizen to represent their country.  The answer is no and hence why should Kenya allow it.  They also have a point about this.

There has been a major struggle in Kenyan Chess as many feel that Kenyan children are given a raw deal. The Ministry of Sports has barged into the quarrel and issued a firm and stern warning.  The Kenya Team must only be represented by Kenyan Citizens. Full stop.

Non citizens may take part in international events but not as the National Team.

Here is the letter signed by Mr Gordon Oluoch who is the Commissioner of Sports.