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Blood Pressure Rises For Kenyan Chess Players


I am not sure how many of you are aware that Kenya has the most torturous method of choosing Team Kenya for the Olympiads.

It is a 3 phase fight.  The first event is an Open and the top 24 are selected to slug it out for the top 10 or 12. The top 10 then get embroiled in a 9-11 round robin contest.

Majority of the Kenyan “Wood Pushers” love this method.  There is some activity and may be Caissa will shine on them they get selected.   

This year Chess Kenya became a bit wise and allowed National Champion Ben Magana to be seeded into the final stage to make it 11 players.

This system is plain stupid and if you think about it is really designed to select a Nairobi Team to the Olympiad.  If you live out of Nairobi you need to travel 3 times to Nairobi to play.  Well that is plain dumb.

This year Humphrey Andolo one of Kenya’s best players who resides in the UK requested to be seeded into the final stage.  He had requested to be given enough time to come over for the 1st stage but was not given the info.  He appealed to the Commissioner of Sports Gordon Oluoch who called up Chess Kenya Supremo Githinji Hinga.  We do not know what transpired between the two.  There are 2 stories.

As it stands now Andolo is out and this is final 10 who are now in the final stage and who join Ben Magana.

1. Joseph Atwoli 
2. Githinji Hinga3. Moses Andiwoh4. FM Mwangi Gateri5. George Nderitu 6. Brian Kidula 7. Steve Ouma 8. Brian Adorwa 9. Mehul Gohil 10. Geoffrey Mulaga

Will keep you posted on what is going on.