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Chess Highlights Of The 20th Century


Those who love chess and run a small business will understand this post.  Life is ever so busy with 2 kids, wife, running a small business which only means one thing – Less time for chess.

Having over 150 chess books only makes one feel horrible.  In one of my posts I will put up a photo of all the chess books that I have.  Some are kept in my house and others in my office.

I had ordered this book – Chess Highlights of the 20th Century by Graham Burgress many years ago and hardly ever read it.  Sometime ago decided that I needed to keep a chess board in my office so that I can study a bit.  The key word here is “bit” ie small bits of chess which take like 5 to 10 minutes.

I use one of the many wooden sets that I have and decided to check out the book that had laid in my shelf for so many years unloved and unread!  I have also not reviewed a book on my blog for a long time so thought that this might be a good start again.

My companion in my office.
Hard cover book

I just love this book as it has games from 1901 all the way to 1999.  Most of the positions are middle game with another 10-20 moves to the end.  This enables us busy bodies to enjoy the game and learn something new everyday.

Sample pages

Each page has some history for those who love to learn history – another of my favorite subjects incidentally.  I guess that is the topic for another day.

Sample pages


Some nice photos

Some great photos accompany the book.

More photos


More games and bit of history


Index of games

Overall rating for the book.  Go ahead and buy it without hesitation and enjoy it.

Note – Graham has not paid me to say nice things about his book!