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Chess Kenya Appoints Chief Executive Officer


1st March 2015 will go down as a big day in the history of Kenyan Chess.

This was the day when the chess fraternity appointed the first ever Chief Executive Officer.  The person is Satish Deshpande father to two rising stars in Kenyan Chess.  2014 Kenya Ladies National Champion Sanjana Deshpande and her brother Sumit Deshpande.

This was a bombshell that surprised all and sundry at the the SGM which was being held that that day at the Nyayo Stadium.  I unfortunately could not attend and hence could not give you all the full details that transpired.

Apparently the Chess Kenya Chairman Githinji Hinga had requested that there should be professional staff to run the affairs and jokingly suggested that if there was anyone who was willing to work as the CEO.  The laughter in the room died out when Satish put up his hand and volunteered to do the job!

Let us see what happens as I am sure that he will make a big difference in the short term.

This is our Chief Executive Officer in full action at the recently concluded 5th Capablanca Cup which was held during the weekend of 21st & 22nd February 2015 at the Braeburn School.

Satish Deshpande carefully records his name on his score sheet