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Dark Gloomy Clouds In Kenyan Chess


I had mentioned on this blog sometime ago that Chess Kenya had appointed Satish Deshpande as Chief Executive Officer.

Well the sad news is that Satish has since resigned his post which is a great pity.  Chess Kenya was one of the very few sports in Kenya that had a Chief Executive.  Rugby & Football both have Chief Executives and it was great that Chess was at the top.  For once Kenyan Chess was looking bright.  At the end of the day a glorified Chairman or Secretary can only do so much.

Forgive me if I digress a bit.  In the bad old days of Kenyan Chess the Secretary used to be Larry Kagambi.  In those days the letter used to be signed as Secretary General – reminiscent of the title used by the Soviet Union or by the United Nations.

We had about 75 days of glory when the Chief Executive moved Heaven and Earth to get things done.  For once I had hope in Kenyan Chess.  At the back of my mind I was apprehensive that Satish was the lone gladiator in the Colesseum facing the 5 hungry starving lions.

The 5 hungry starving lions came out a lot sooner than expected.  I do not have the full story but my hunch is that after the fantastic 2015 Nairobi edition of the Millionaire’s Open all the daggers were drawn for Satish.  He was the Tournament Manager and I guess some souls must have been unhappy with the way things turned out.  Both Kasparov Chess Foundation Honcho – Graham Jurgensen and Amy Lee of Millionaire Chess were delighted by the way the event was run.

From left Secretary Akello, Chairman Githinji, Graham KCF, Amy Lee of MC, Satish & Wanyama

My other feeling is that there is a pending trip or some surplus money that is causing the Top Brass at Chess Kenya to have indigestion.

There was also the pending matter of Chess Kenya aligning
itself with the newly implemented Sports Act.  Chess Kenya was one of the sporting bodies that had been blacklisted by the Ministry.  It is a long tedious process and I guess this must have frayed some nerves as well.

I guess it is back to square one.