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Day 2 Of Millionaire Open – What A Day!


I promised to give you a report of Day 2 from the venue.

I had to rush out of the house at 8.10am as the start time was 8.30am.  Where did my time go I quizzed myself as I drove like a maniac to the venue.

8.34am – I was at the venue only to be met by a huge crowd of chess players waiting to enter the venue.  KICC Security had insisted that all players must have  a badge. What a nightmare for the organisers.  The event started 45 minutes later but that was fine as there were chess players and old friends to chat to.

KICC tower from close


Arbiter Steve Ouma in middle makes some announcements

Njuru Mwangi of www.sufuria.com carefully notes his move


Mushfig Habilov holds in head in agony


Harold Wanyama of Uganda (left) takes on Philip Singe
Shem Kariuki in action


Kim Bhari (in green) Chairman of Nairobi Chess Club


Jovial CM Wachira Wachania an old and good friend


Tom Okongo who travelled from Kisii faces David Kinoti who came fully dressed for the cold weather! Note his gloves.


Mushfig Habilov v Daphne Mwikali who had represented Kenya at the Zonals last month


Chess love, blogger and Phd in Twitter – Duncan Apiyo
Junior section was tough


Duncan Apiyo


Owino Magana

This event brought out old chess players and former officials as well.  We had Clement Miheso (former Kenya Chess Association Chairman for many years and hard working in the 19980s).  Owino Magana (see photo above) brother of Kenya Champion Ben Magana was also present.  Owino Magana was a former official as well in the past and was highly articulate in his views.  In one of my later posts I will put up some old news on him.

The unsung heroes of the event.

I forgot to mention that today was Labour Day and hence all the restaurants in KICC were closed.  It is just absurd that such a venue with hundreds of exhibitors, players, staff would take a holiday.  It is just plain crazy.

My problem started at around 12pm when I needed my daily caffeine fix and had to wait until 3pm after my second game to rush to Nakumatt across the street buy a Red Bull and pop into Java House for a coffee.  I forgot to take a photo of the coffee.

Samsung advertises at night on the top of KICC with a moving display.