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Corporate Kenya And Chess


I at times wish I was born in another country.

Oh Kenya, how I love you,
Why is chess not loved here
Why, Why Why

The Kenyan Corporate World kind of ignores chess for some strange reason.  In the 1990’s Standard Bank, Barclays Bank and many others sponsored chess but these days chess is ignored.  I think that the last big corporate sponsor was when Safaricom sponsored the famous “Kenya Simba’s v Wageningen Chess Club” which was done via the internet.  The sponsorship was to the tune of a staggering, mind boggling KES 300,000.  For those that want to read more on the story here is the link.


I need to drag you back to what I wanted to say.

I attended the 2015 Rhino Charge which was held over the Madaraka Day weekend around Kalepo which is about 130 km north of Isiolo.

There was one banner that caught my attention at the Copy Cat Control and this is what I am talking about.

Banner at the 2015 Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge 2015
Car no 2 Ian Duncan from the 2011 Rhino Charge

I am digressing from my true story.  I guess the Rhino Charge Story will be for another day.

In Kenya there is a company called Hawkins & Associates who use 3 chess pieces as part of their logo.  This is their website – http://www.hawkins.co.ke/

Well many years ago in 1996 they sponsored a chess tournament.  The event was held at the Mayfair Hotel which is now Holiday Inn and I bring you their publicity material. True historic stuff!!



I unfortunately do not have any photos of this great event in my archives.

I am not sure if Chess Kenya have written to them again to sponsor another chess event.  They could remind them about this event.