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Kisumu Town Pulls Off Major Chess Event


The lake side town of Kisumu on the weekend of  27th & 28th June 2015 hosted a fantastic and well attended event at the Scottish Tartan Hotel.

Kisumu is a major town in Kenya and is port on Lake Victoria.  I have been there twice in my life. I did not like it a lot and found it uncomfortable.  The first time I visited was in ?? when I went to help organise a chess tournament and the second time was for work.  Those who wish to read more about Kisumu should check out this link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kisumu

Special thanks goes to another True Son of The Soil – Mr McTough of Scottish Tartan Hotel who sponsored this event for a second time in a row!

2014 edition – from left Issac Babu Arbiter, Organiser Andrew Owili, Sponsor Mr McTough & other officials. Photo credit Andrew Owili

Leading the pack was the 2014 winner Ben Magana, John Mukabi (veteran of 7 Olympiads), Philip Singe of KCB, former Kenya Chess Association Chairman Clement Miheso and many other hopefuls.  Of course our Ugandan brothers from just across the border could not resist the temptation of some quick bucks on Kenyan soil.  This time only three of them turned up Nsubuga Haruna and Baagadde Daniel and Obita Francis

I had to miss this event due to prior commitments and lack of time and hence cannot give you some nice action photos.  However my good buddy Satish Deshpande has very kindly given me some photos to share with you.

Ricky Sang in red shirt & Clement Miheso in white jacket


Philip Singe holds his head








Winner Ben Magana (left) v Steve Ouma

Ben Magana did not disappoint his Kenyan fan base when he stormed to victory with a 5.5/6 score.  We take this opportunity to congratulate Ben on his fine performance.

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds (extract only)
Rk. Name FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd Pts. 
1 Magana Ben  KEN  32b1  34w1  27b1  12w1   2b½   8w1 6
2 Nsubuga Haruna  UGA  50w1  48b1   5w1  17b1   1w½  13b1 6
3 Mukabi John  KEN  52b1  18w1  11b0  20w1   9b1  19w1 5
4 Singe Phillip Mbawala  KEN  41b1  59w1   9b½  11w½  14b1  12w1 5
5 Ricky Sang  KEN  56w+  36w1   2b0  55w1  21b1  15w1 5
6 Baagadde Daniel  UGA  69w1  40b1  24w½  23b½  25w1  11b1 5
7 Chomu Clement Miheso  KEN  42b1  26w1  12b0  15w½  28b1  29w1 5
8 Ouma Stephen  KEN  77w+  51b1  35w1  13b1  11w½   1b0 5
9 Oketch Dismas  KEN  64w1  58b1   4w½  24b1   3w0  23b1 5
10 Jonah Langat  KEN  65b+  11w0  32b½  52w1  24b1  30w1 5
11 Jacob Onditi  KEN  49w1  10b1   3w1   4b½   8b½   6w0 4
12 Wabuti Rose  KEN  53b1  55w1   7w1   1b0  17w1   4b0 4
13 Wagah Martin  KEN  76b+  30w1  16b1   8w0  27b1   2w0 4
14 Moses Amatalo Abasa  KEN  26b0  31w1  59b1  18w1   4w0  35b1 4
15 Solomon Lubega  KEN  38b1  29w½  68w1   7b½  16w1   5b0 4
16 Kidula Brian  KEN  39b+  25b1  13w0  36w1  15b0  39w1 4
17 Obita Francis  UGA  79b1  19w1  28b1   2w0  12b0  38w1 4