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Pocket Chess Set From Germany


One of the sets that I have used many times when I was a kid was given to me as a present when I was around 12 years old well that is almost 40 years ago.

We had a family friend who had travelled to Germany for work and he knew that I was crazy about chess and he bought this for me.  I still treasure it like the first time I laid my eyes on it.  Here are some of the photos to show you.

The pieces are magnetic & felted.  I love the details on the pawns who look like Roman Centurions! 

The beauty of these small sets is that you can open a book and go through a game.  This set never leaves the house due to its great sentimental value.



Instructions come in English, French & German









I would highly recommend any chess lover to buy this set on ebay.  They will not be disappointed!