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Tournament Chessmen By Lowe


Tournament Chessmen By Lowe

We are all familiar with chessmen made by Spears when we were kids and the other usual ones that you find in chess tournaments all over the world.

In one of my earlier I have a blog story about the Rajah Skah chess set which is also made of plastic.

When my friend left Kenya to go and settle in cold Canada he gave me a chess set which I never paid much attention to and it was kept in the cupboard for many years.  The other day I opened it and decided that hey – this is a cool looking set.  It is made by Lowe and seems to be very rare and you can only find them on Ebay..

I like the feel and the design of the chessmen and use it once in  a while.

Here are some of the photos.

Tournament Chessmen By Lowe
Pieces have felt and are weighted

Pieces are nicely designed




My wooden box is broken