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Time Travel?

I was lazing about and decided to watch an episode of “Weird or What” on Zuku TV.  The episode was an interesting one titled “Time travel” and this is the introduction;
A mysterious woman suddenly materializes in a California bathroom. Is she a traveller from another time? And could a gargantuan experiment in Switzerland actually make time travel possible? 
Here is the link for those whose curiosity is aroused.
Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and I find myself at “Splash Waterworld” attending the “Premier Kids – Kenya inspired generation” show.  This is an event that is organised by one of Kenya’s top comedian Daniel Ndambuki more popularly known as “Churchill”.

Another set of charming ladies
Sample episode is shown below;
I was invited by an old chess buddy of mine – Brian Kidula who had a tent there promoting his “Terrian Chess Academy”.  I have know Brian for a long time and when you meet him you will be struck by his enthusiasm for chess which I promise will rub on to you. Be warned!  
Terrian Chess Academy banner
Terrian Chess Academy brochure
Brian decided a few years ago to follow his passion of chess and decided it was either a full loaf or bread or none at all.  I must admit that is an incredible brave move but which I am sure will bring immense satisfaction in the long run.
I had to fight a huge traffic jam that extended all the way from the Mortuary Roundabout to the T-Mall Roundabout and found myself facing a charming team of ladies from KCB Bank who seem to be one of the main sponsors of the event.  They refuse to take cash and ask me to get a “Pepea Card” which is a prepaid card issued by KCB Bank.  I refused to get another piece of plastic for my wallet.  This is a great marketing ploy by the way.  Fortunately the Barclays debit card was used. 

KCB Poster at the venue
I walked into the venue and it was packed with kids and parents – I mean it was bustling with life and walked immediately to the chess tent which was organised by “Terrian Chess Academy”.
I then realised that the time travel show that I watched last night was somehow related to the event unfolding this great sunny afternoon.  “Churchill” from another time zone colliding with another slow time traveller called “Chess” to produce a kaleidoscope of colour, music and pomp at Splash World.  Could a chess lover asked for more? Not really.  It was extremely satisfying to see this combination very much like going through a combination by Tal or Kasparov!
I bring you some photos for this fantastic afternoon where thousands of kids and parents were suddenly exposed to chess.  Where will this all lead to?  I really do not have any answers for this.  What I do know however that this explosion of chess that is currently undergoing on in Kenya will soon produce our first International Master. 
Who could have dreamed about Kenya winning a Javelin gold medal at the 2015 World Championships a few years ago.  Again thanks to Julius Yego who gave us hope with his fine performance last week with a 92.7 m throw to give Kenya a nice glittering gold medal in this event.  Kenya’s time for chess will surely come.
Special thanks to Brian Kidula and more importantly to Mr Daniel Ndambuki for arranging for this fun filled event.
Enough of talking now and here are some photos from the afternoon.


Nice marketing gimmick.  An idea for chess?
George Githui explains some chess moves


Look at the crowd!


Nice promotion by one of the sponsors.


Soap bubble machine was a favorite of the kids


Kids having fun


KCB Supremo Joshua Oigara (left) with show biz star “Churchill”


Another view


Talent show by Wynton House of Music


View from the chess tent



Like bees to honey – Mehul Gohil & Ricky Sang in action


The pool complex


The end of the water slide
A delightful afternoon.