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Anchor Chess Club


We have a new kid in town and he is called – Anchor Chess Club!

12717517_1663187367266961_8793438144400035453_nThe announcement on Valentine’s eve was welcomed by many chess players who long to have a place to play chess on a regular basis.

The club is based at the YWCA, Mamlaka Road and meets every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm.

Paras Gudka is the brainchild behind this venture and it comes after several other projects involving chess which is his passion.  These include Westland’s Chess Club (now part of Nairobi Chess Academy and Club) and the popular website Chess Events EAC which unfortunately closed down sometime ago.

Paras Gudka – Captain of Anchor Chess Club

The club has announced it’s intention to participate in the 2016 edition of the Kenya National League which is due to commence shortly.

The interesting thing to note about the lineup is that Paras has not lost his flair pulling rabbits or should I say pawns out of a hat.   This happened when he announced the lineup of the club for the forthcoming league.


1. GUDKA, Paras (Captain)
2. JUDITH, Easter
3. KIHARA, Milton
4. MACHARIA, David
5. METHU, Joseph
6. NDEDA, Cindy
7. NJERI, Clement
8. NJERI, Maureen
9. RAMESH, Vasanth
10. THITU, Winnie (Team Physiotherapist)


1. VASANTH, Sruthi (Team Photographer & All-Round Assistant)

The most interesting thing that caught my attention was that they have a Team Physiotherapist!  I can understand a chess club having a voodoo doctor, or a parapsychologist but not a physiotherapist.   This bit brought a cheer to me when I read it.

Winnie Thitu (left) playing Rose Wabuti during the 2014 Olympiad Selection Tournament held at the YMCA, Nairobi.

Not sure how many of you will remember the 1988 World Championship match between Soviet blue eyed boy Anatoly Karpov versus the so called “Traitor of the Mother Russia” Viktor Korchnoi.  The Soviets had Dr Vladimir Zukhar who was a parapsychologist in the Karpov camp and who Viiktor claimed was trying to hypnotise him.  (See Story on Viktor Korchnoi on Kenya Chess Masala).

I think Nairobi Chess Club should try and find a Kenyan parapsychologist so that they can dethrone the mighty KCB Chess Club during the next edition of the National League!

Joseph Methu who is expected to be a leading team member of Anchor Chess Club

It is also great that they have a Team Photographer Shruthi Vasanth, who will be able to take photos and provide some great coverage of their events.

Vasanth Ramesh (in yellow shirt) who will be another strong player for Anchor Chess Club.

We are currently not sure when Anchor Chess Club will host its first open event.