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Savan Haria wins Oshwal Youth League Chess Tournament


The Oshwal Youth League Chess Tournament held on 6th March 2016 at the Oshwal Sports Complex attracted slightly over 50 players spread out in 4 sections.  The overall winner in the Adult section was Savan Haria who defeated pre-tournament favourite Mehul Gohil on his was to a clean 6/6 result.

Poster for the event

The great thing about this event was that it was an open one which attract a mixed crowd of players.  My heroine for this event had to be Linda Abur who was one of the strongest lady chess players in the recent past.  Linda is a teacher with Riara  Girls School and she brought a team of 5 players and 5 supporters.  I just love it when teachers take time and effort to encourage their kids to come and play in chess tournaments.

Linda Abur (in white T shirt) with her team from Riara School.

What was even more interesting for me was to bump into an old school mate Nalin Shah who was taking part in the event.

Tournament organiser Ronak Gudhka (left) takes on my old school mate Nalin Shah.

Tournament organiser Ronak Gudkha has promised that this will now become part on an annual event which is great news for chess players.

The epic match which decided the title! Savan Haria (left) against Mehul Gohil.
Chess for all. Youngster Veer Shah in red and Ravi Shah in action.

The Oshwal Sports Complex has a long history of supporting chess.  It was in this complex that Sandip Shah taught hundreds of children from the Oshwal community many of whom played for Kenya like Dipak Shah and Khilan Shah.

I bring you an old photo from what might have been the first speed chess tournament in Kenya and which was held at the Oshwal Complex.  This photo was taken on 9th May 1993 during the Hindu Council Open and which was won by Humphrey Andolo & Joseph Kanyingi.

Image (208)
Photo from 1993 Hindu Council Open. Alan Murungi is the person in the front, Sri-Dharan on the right getting down to sit, Francis Ngesa can be seen playing Reema Shah with Juma Arogo behind her. On the extreme left many kids one might be Mehul Gohil?
Image (209)
Prize giving ceremony of the 1993 Hindu Council Open at the Oshwal Complex. Mr Dilip Dodhia presents a prize to a winner.  Sitting is Usha Shah Chairlady of Hindu Council and chess coach Sandip Shah.