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1st Terrian Chess Academy Invitational Chess Tournament


Chess players are looking forward to the 1st Terrian Chess Academy Invitational Chess Tournament which is set for 29th May 2016 at the luxurious Golf View Apartments located on Muchai Drive, Nairobi.

Poster for the event

The following list of players have been invited and it is expected that most will take part.

1. Mehul Gohil
2. Githinji Hinga
3. Ben Nguku
4. CM Ben Magana
5. Larry Kagambi
6. Joseph Atwoli
7. Martin Oyamo
8. Ken Omolo
9. John Mukabi
10. Brian Adorwa
11. Jackson Ndegwa
12. Moses Andiwoh
13. Collins Young
14. James Panchol
15. Martin Njoroge
16. Timothy Mwabu
17. Joseph Methu
18. Phillip Singe
19. Joseph Maigua
20. Jacktone Mony
21. Ricky Sang
22. Milton Kihara
23. Vasanth Ramesh
24. Mark Nyairo
25. Bernard Wanjala
26. Sumit Deshpande

This highly anticipated event is expected to be explosive on the board with the grand venue and some of Kenya’s finest players taking part.  Added to the mix is a number of young upcoming players including Timothy Mwabu, Sumit Deshpande and Martin Njoroge.

The grand setting at Golf View Apartments

This event is a historic one for Kenya as there will be live transmission of the top 5 boards on this website Kenya Chess Masala.  This has been brought to you courtesy of Terrian Chess Academy who recently acquired the top of the range DGT Chess Boards which are internet enabled.

Has Africa ever ever had live transmission of any chess tournament?  It is possible that some event in the past might have had live transmission of the games.  However North of the Limpopo River and South of the Egyptian pyramids this is likely to be the first!

The lounge where spectators will be able to view the top 5 games on a big screen

The event has been organised by Terrian Chess Academy who were recently recognised as one of the 47 FIDE Chess Academies in the world.

CEO of Terrian Chess Academy, LGM Brian Kidula carefully records his move during the 2nd phase of the Olympiad Section Tournament at KCB Club on 10th June 2012.