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2016 Baku Olympiad Selection Tournament


The final stage of the 2016 Baku Olympiad Selection Tournament got underway today morning at the KCB Sports Club in Ruaraka, Nairobi.

This event was held under the dark clouds over the politics of Kenyan chess.  The former officials have continued to insist that only they have the mandate to organise the Olympiad Qualifiers while on the other hand the Interim Chess Kenya officials insist that they have the mandate from FIDE.

Kenneth Omolo waits for the start of the game.

The one unfortunate casualty of this infighting has been the former powerful Chess Kenya Secretary General Mr Akello Atwoli.  Akello was one of the 10 players selected to play but decided not to submit his entry to the Interim Chess Kenya officials.

Ladies listen to some announcements before the start.

This highly anticipated event was once again transmitted live using the DGT Boards belonging to Terrian Chess Academy http://terrianchess.com/.

The event was covered live on this website while the best app for the phone was “Follow Chess” by http://www.mychessapps.com/.

App from Follow Chess

The orgainsation of the event was top class with each player having their name tags.

Name tags for all players.
Some of the names of our charming ladies whom you will get a chance to meet in Baku!

The attention to detail was amazing and included a backup battery!

Power backup? Of course absolutely necessary.

The big clash of the day was Ben Magana v Mehul Gohil which ended in a well deserved draw after bitter and tough fight.


2016 Baku Olympiad Day 1.

2016 Baku Olympiad Day 2.