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Brian Kidula – A Kenyan Hero


When the history of Kenyan chess is finally written there will be one name that will have its own chapter!  That chapter will be titled “Brian Kidula – Simba wa Lugari”

Brian Kidula the CEO of Terrian Chess Academy became the first chess organiser in Kenyan history to have games transmitted live on the internet.  This was made possible with his recent purchase of 5 state of the art DGT Boards.  In my opinion this was a serious financial commitment to chess and the message was loud and clear – “move over boys let me show you how it is done!”.

CEO of Terrian Chess Academy Brian Kidula in action.

The venue for the event was the Hodari Club on El Molo Drive and they will be pleased to know that they are now firmly entrenched into the history books of Kenyan chess.

The logo for Hodari Club.

This website did a short story before the event and which is covered here 1st Terrian Chess Academy Invitational.

I unfortunately had to miss this event which was held on 29th May 2016 as I was at the 2016 Rhino Charge which was held in the Masai Mara.  Just to give the readers what the Rhino Charge is all about here are two photos and then we will return to chess.

Harveet Obhrai actually drove over that massive rock!
Black cotton soil!

I bring you some photos from this historic event.

Martin Oyamo (left) takes on Vasanth Ramesh who played a key role in getting the DGT System to work.


Ricky Sang (right) about to make a move.
Action outside the playing hall.
This is not a photo from an event in Europe! This is a photo from the event right here in Nairobi!
Veteran player John Mukabi.
Catch them young is the motto.
Winner Mehul Gohil (left) battles Ben Magana

In the end it was Mehul Gohil who won this historic event and added a second trophy to his cabinet in as many tournaments  after his recent victory in the 2016 Nairobi Open.

Final standingsJPG
Final standing.

All photos credits to CSB Photography (Ms Shruti Bhavani).