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David Llada – Chess Photographer


We have in chess various levels starting with Beginner, Club Player, National Master, International Master, Grandmaster and these days we have Super Grandmaster for those above the astronomical 2700 Elo rating.

It is the same with the other professions and I have decided to cover world renown Chess Photographer David Llada on this website.  If you are a rated player and never heard of David Llada then you should deduct 50 Elo points to get your true rating!

David has the following to see about himself – Journalist, Enterpreneur, Book Worm, Fixer, Photographer, Chess Addict, Gambler and Media Consultant!!  Many roles but there is one where David can be consider to be a Super Grandmaster and that is in the field of chess photography.

David Llada in front of the 32 men who bring joy to millions of chess fans! Photo credit – David Llada.

A veteran of 7 Olympiads with the 2016 Baku Olympiad being his 8th one!  He has photographed most of the top players in the world and brings his own dynamic and colourful style to chess photography.  He has also covered some of the world’s best events including Millionaire Chess, Qatar Masters and many others.

To check out some of the amazing photos check out his website – David Llada.

David Llada is already in Baku, Azerbaijan getting ready to bring us some fantastic photos of the 2016 Olympiad.

The 2016 Baku Olympiad unveiled their official mascot a few weeks ago called “Chess Mate” who I am sure will be meeting all the players and photographers at the event.

2016 Baku Chess Olympiad mascot “Chess Mate” poses in front of the information desk at the Baku Airport. Photo credit 2016 Baku Olympiad Committee.

I could not resist drawing a cartoon of David Llada and Chess Mate and hope you like it!

160829 David Llada Cartoon.jpeg
Cartoon on David Llada!

David Llada has been very supportive of this website and allowed us to use many of his photos.  We truly appreciate his support.

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