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Ongata Rongai Chess Club hosts it’s maiden event


On a cold Sunday morning Ogata Rongai Chess Club organised it’s maiden chess event.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-11 at 12.23.39The event saw 14 players turn up for the event which was held at the Sensation Sports Club which is located near the Kware Bus Stop in the bustling Ongata Rongai area.

Dr Jacob Onditi poses in front of the venue. Photo credit Mehul Gohil.

The 7 round speed chess event saw swashbuckling James Madol cruise to a clear victory with 11 points out of a maximum of 12 points with 5 wins and 1 draw.

James Panchol looks over the shoulders of organiser Mburu Mbugua.

Hot favourites Mehul Gohil and Githinji Hinga failed to impress with their 6th and 8th position respectively.

Veteran player Martin Oyamo (left) takes on Fred Nabangi while Brian Taboso looks on. Photo credit Mehul Gohil.

Due to the low number of entries the cash prizes were adjusted downwards with the winner James Panchol taking home KES 7,000 out of the total cash prize of KES 10,500.

The bustling Ongata Rongai. Photo credit Mehul Gohil.

The efforts by Ongata Rongai Chess Club are commendable in trying to promote the game in an area that has never seen a chess tournament.

Veteran player Martin Oyamo enjoying himself! Photo credit Mehul Gohil.

The club meets every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 3pm onwards.

Ongata Rongai Chess Club are now making arrangements to formalise their organisational structure. ┬áThis will go a long way to popularise the game in one of Nairobi’s fastest growing suburbs.

The final standing of this historic event.