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2016 Baku Olympiad Bermuda Party


Bermuda is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean of about 50 square kilometers famous for its pink sandy beaches and as every school boy knows the infamous “Bermuda Triangle”.

captureAsk any chess player who has attended a Chess Olympiad about Bermuda and their face will light up!  The most highly anticipated event at every Chess Olympiad is the “Bermuda Party” which is traditionally held just before the rest day.

Party Invite.
Party Invite (inside cover).

The 2016 Bermuda Party did not disappoint the approximately 2,000 players who converged at the famous Elektra Hall & Enerji Club in Baku. This is what was on the outside.

Elektra Hall.

The Elektra Hall & Enerji Club were two separate discos going at full blast with fantastic music.

Enerji Club.

The venue was pulsating with action and this promised to be a night to be remembered.

Inside of Elektra Hall. Probably about 250,000 Elo points?

Drinks were reasonable priced with beer at 5 Manat (about KES 300 or USD 3).

Elektra Hall. Party in full swing.

Each discotheque was bustling with happy chess players and I decided to check out what was going on outside and what a pleasant surprise! A live band……………

Dilara Kazimova and her amazing band.

I found out later that the charming lady with a beautiful voice was Dilara Kazimova who represented Azerbaijan in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen with the song “Start a Fire”

Dilara Kazimova and her amazing band.

Dilara and here band were simply mesmerising and the time just seem to fly by.

Dilara Kazimova and her amazing band.

The only sad bit was that the band stopped playing around midnight as their time was up and it appeared that it was about to start raining.

This was an amazing performance by one of Azerbaijan’s finest singers and enclosed 4 videos for you to enjoy.

This was my first Bermuda Party and hopefully will not be my last.

You never know who you will bump into at the Bermuda Party.

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen at the Bermuda Party. From left Gwen Jumba and Jane Wambugu of Kenya. Photo credit Githinji Hinga.

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2016 Baku Olympiad Day 1.

2016 Baku Olympiad Day 2.