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GM Tigran Petrosian – A caricature & a game.


I had done a short story on the late Tigran Petrosian who was World Chess Champion a few weeks ago.  See story Tribute to Tigran Petrosian.

This is what was in his book and decided that I had to do my own caricature of Tigran Petrosian!

Caricature of Tigran Petrosian in the book by Vik Vasilev.
My own caricature of GM Tigran Petrosian together with a Garde Chess Clock.

There was one game in this book that I thought you might enjoy.  Petrosian is Black and plays the French Defense against Vlastimil Hort.  Petrosian gives up his Rook for a Knight and gradually goes on to take over the whole board with his classical constrictive style.