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Kenyan Ladies gets off to a flying start


The Kenyan Ladies finally made it to Baku just in time for the 5th round of 42nd Chess Olympiad after having missed 4 crucial rounds due to logistical issues.

Team Kenya from left Gwen Jumba, WCM Jane Wambugu, WCM Purity Maina and WCM Joyce Nyaruai.

The team comprised of Gloria Jumba, WCM Jane Wambugu, WCM Purity Maina and WCM Joyce Nyaruai who is making her maiden appearance at an Olympiad.  Ladies Team Captain Moses Andiwoh remained stranded in Nairobi which is extremely sad for Kenya.   The Team Captain plays a crucial role in ensuring that the team functions at maximum capacity and in providing moral support.

Gwen Jumba

The Ladies Team will also have the disadvantage of not having their reserve player which will begin to hurt the team over the remaining 6 rounds.

The Olympiad may look like a lot of fun which is true but it is extremely demanding on the body and mind.  The usual routine would be breakfast at 8am then review of the opponents games once the draw comes out at 10am.  Lunch would be at around 12.30pm to get ready to be on the bus at 2pm.

The games start at 3pm and it is very likely that you will only get to your hotel at around 7pm or even later.  Again it will be hectic as you have you dinner and then chill with your team mates.  Going out to party is not really an option.

WCM Purity Maina.

The Men’s Team remains stranded in Nairobi and have confirmed that they will not travel.

The Ladies first hurdle was Palestine where they obtained a fine 3-1 victory.  WCM Joyce Nyaruai 1482 dropped a point to WFM Anwar Albzoor who is rated 1570.

In the second round Kenya defeated Maldives 3-1 and which meant that they will now meet Tunisia in round three.
WCM Jane Wambugu.
WCM Joyce Nyaruai.
The Palestine team from right sitting Rahaf Faqeeh, Anwar Albzoor, and Aseel Faqeeh.