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Peter Gilruth wins the 2016 Nairobi Chess Club Closed Championship


Peter Gilruth who is Kenya’s highest rated player in Kenya last weekend won the 2016 Nairobi Chess Club Championship with a clean 5/5 at the Goan Gymkhana Club.

Poster for the event.

The closed event attracted a total 13 players which included Mehul Gohil, James Panchol and Vasanth Ramesh who were expected to disrupt Peter Gilruth’s plans to retain the title that he won in April 2015.

James Panchol (left) v Peter Gilruth in a crunch match for the title.

As the event progressed it was evident that Peter was in a class of his own and defeated all the 3 favorites in his usual emphatic positional style.

Peter Gilruth looking for another win.

We have enclosed an interesting game where James Panchol tries his usual swift attacking mode against Peter Gilruth’s solid style of play.

Vasanth Ramesh in action.

The event attracted two ladies Krishi Shah and Rebecca Obonyo and one junior player Dev Shah.  Dev Shah won a prize in the recently concluded 2016 African Youth Chess Championship which was held in Port Elisabeth, South Africa.  This story will be covered by this website next week.

Rebecca Obonyo in action.
Mehul Gohil sporting his 2016 Baku Olympiad shirt.

Mehul Gohil’s first loss in the event was to James Panchol.

This is Peter Gilruth’s second victory this year.  The first event he won was was the 58th Nairobi Chess Club Championship which was in late August 2016.  More on the story can be found here – 58th Nairobi Chess Club Championship.
The 2016 Nairobi Chess Club Closed Champion poses with the shield which will have his name engraved on it.
Peter Gilruth went home with a cash prize of KES 8,000 (USD 80), James Panchol KES 3,000 and Karan Christie with KES 2,000.
Final Standings.
Cross-table of the event.
Players pose for a group photo. From left Billy Chepkonga, James Panchol, Karan Christie, Peter Gilruth, Mehul Gohil & Kim Bhari.

This is the 4th major event orgainsed by Nairobi Chess Club in 2016.  The next big item on Nairobi Chess Club’s agenda is the Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for 15th October 2016 at the Goan Gymkhana Club.  Plans for the rest of the year will be discussed at the AGM.