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A poem for the World Chess Championship match


Chess players all over the world are keenly awaiting the start of the World Chess Championship match which takes place from 11th to 30th November 2016, in New York City, USA.

25 year old GM Magnus Carlsen from Norway is the current title holder and his opponent is the formidable 26 year old GM Sergey Karjakin from Russia.

Tom Amwai who is a keen chess player and budding writer has written a special poem for this website to commemorate this mouth watering event.

Keen chess player and budding writer Tom Amwai in action during the 2015 National Rapids Championship held at Nairobi Gymkhana in July 2015.


It takes too many ingredients to become a world CHAMPION/
This is the recipe that makes a Grandmasters MANSION/
Tactical skill, opening knowledge and endgame ability is a GM’s PORTION/

That has to be supported by stamina, resilience and ability to withstand the Board’s TENSION/
Competitive toughness will levitate you to the PINNACLE/
support your chess sternum like the CLAVICLE/
Nourish your chess with theory
A baby title growing in the CERVICLE/

Heed to my advice in this chess SYLLABLES/
Work hard and smart, don’t wait for chess MIRACLES/

Carlsen is the current world champion on the Golden THRONE/
Analysing the magnitude of the damage from the DRONES/
That shattered every pawn that nourishes Anand’s strong chess BONES/

Leaving the whole Indian Nation MOURNING/
Anand’s fans grieving and GROANING/

Let the sleeping Magnus lie after Anand’s 4th MOVE/
He woke up after a 10 second power nap to draw in 41 MOVES/

Sleeping Magnus vs Anand in game EIGHT/
He sacrificed a pawn worth concentration like in a GAMBIT/
For a power nap that levitates his moves with great ABILITY/    His FIDE rating defying the Laws of GRAVITY/

Sochi , courtesy of Agon was the battle FIELD/
Double edged chess swords were the weapons of STEEL/
After 11 games, Carlsen remained the world CHAMPION/
Ready to battle Karjakin, to defend the TITLE/
Carlsen vs Karjakin, who is the BEST/
The whole world is about to converge in New  York city for some sublime CHESS/

For Carlsen to beat Karjakin, he must show, his ever best PLAY/
Throw strong jabs like CASSIUS CLAY/
Fracture chess jaws and limbs like MOHAMMED ALI/
Spit venom like a mixture of Kasparov and Kapov in New York CITY/
Karjakin was faster than leopards running a cross the vast CHESS BOARDS/

To prove his great stamina at the Moscow CANDIDATES/
He crushed the skulls of great GM’s with his deadly CANINES/
Nakamura, Topalov and Caruana could not stop him at the CANDIDATES/
His loss in round eleven to Anand’s Ruy LOPEZ/
Made him a savage in the last game, tearing Caruana’s Sicilian DEFENSE/
He was baptized by the holy chess fire, as Carlsen’s CHALLENGER/

The Russian School of Chess, advising their best like Henry KISSINGER/
on his security on the chess BOARDS/
Secure the King behind impregnable security chess CODES/
Back to Carlsen, with reloaded mind of EINSTEIN/
A physicist with chess pieces, a tactician and ARTISAN/
A terrorist with chess pieces on 64 SQUARES/
decimating any opposition from PLAYERS/
Carlsen is the most feared GM’s SLAYER/
Leaving them in a lost position, behind Bishops, with crucifix in PRAYERS/

He took a break from his preparation for world CHAMPIONSHIP/
To win a chess.com blitz CHAMPIONSHIP/
He dropped bombs to flatten the great blitz city of NAKAMURA/
Flexing his chess artillery, the best in this ERA/

Fulton market in New York, will be the scene for chess board TERROR/
Watch the events on worldchess.com, reported live by Kaja SERA/
Agon has me on its payroll to broadcast pre-tournament EVENTS/
I am Carlsen, with nouns and verbs levitating to lyrical PROWESS/

Judith Polgar can’t disappoint with the live game COMMENTARY/
The best female chess player in HISTORY/
She has played and defeated great names like Kasparov and KAPOV
Adding to her list Anand, Kramnik and TOPALOV/
She has played and defeated the participants in the upcoming MATCH/
She is among the sublime, Chess has ever CAST/

Chess world are ready for 360 virtual REALITY/
Sign up to watch on your smartphone, laptop with super CLARITY/

The link to the world championship website can be found here; World Championship Match