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Aditya Shah – A Kenyan Hero.


Kenya Chess Masala is just over 5 years old.

One of the ideas of setting up the website was keep a record of Kenyan chess for our future generations.  If we do not write our story then who will?

We have covered chess tournaments, chess politics, chess books, chess sets, chess clocks, chess Grandmasters and of course our own home bred Kenyan chess heroes.

The story today is about 9 year old Aditya Shah, a grade 5 student at Braeburn School, Ridgeways, Nairobi.

Aditya Shah was one of the 30 chess players who turned up on 10th July 2016 to play GM Maurice Ashley in a simultaneous at the Nairobi Gymkhana.  The final result of this exhibition was a clean 30-0 victory to GM Maurice Ashley.

GM Maurice Ashely in action during the 30 player simultaneous.

You might be wondering what is so special about Aditya Shah and why is he getting a special mention on this website.

It is simple.  Aditya Shah is blind.

Aditya Shah using his special Braille chess set.

Aditya Shah has entrenched his name in Kenyan chess history by being the first blind player to play a Grandmaster.  In fact this was the first time that we ever had a blind chess player taking part in an event.

What move should I made. Aditya Shah v GM Maurice Ashely while KCFA Graham Jurgensen looks on and Githinji Hinga records the moves.

Aditya Shah received a special prize during the 2016 Millionaire Chess event.

Special prize for Aditya Shah from Mr Arun Jain and GM Maurice Ashley.

Aditya Shah has a twin brother Kush and an elder brother Yuvraj who is also a keen chess player.

Proud family. Brother Yuvraj, mum Ruchita Shah, Graham Jurgensen of KCFA, Aditya Shah, GM Maurice Ashley and dad Biren Shah.