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A preview of the 2016 Tanzania Open Chess Championship


The 3rd edition of the Tanzania Open Chess Tournament starts today 11th November 2016 and will run until 13th November 2016 at the Peacock Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Poster of the event

A total of 4 IM’s, 3 FM’s and 2 CM’s are taking part in this highly anticipated event which has attracted over 70 players from 8 countries.

The massive glittering trophies that will be given to the winners. Photo credit Tanzania Chess Foundation.

Leading the pack is IM Arthur Ssegwanyi 2365, IM Elijah Emojong 2339 both of Uganda followed by IM Mwali Chitumbo 2332 of Zambia.

Top rated and clear favourite IM Arthur Ssegwanyi 2365 of Uganda. Photo credit Paras Gudka.

The top Kenyan who will be swimming with the sharks will be  Githinji Hinga 2121 who is expected to get into the prize bracket.

The venue for the event. Photo credit Tanzania Chess Foundation.

The prize fund is TZS 2.2 million (USD 1,100) with the winner going home with TZS 800,000 (USD 400).

The 1st edition of the Tanzania Open was sponsored by Spicenet Ltd and won by GM Nigel Short with 6/6 while IM Elijah Emojong was runners up.

When we were younger and slimmer! English GM Nigel Short when he visited Kenya on holiday seen here playing blitz at the Hotel 680, Nairobi on 6th January 2006. Standing form left unknown, John Mukabi, Larry Kagambi, unknown & Isaac Babu.  Sitting with red cap Brian Kidula, then late Alex Makatia, Moses Ogugu.

IM Elijah Emojong won the 2nd edition with 7/8 while Klaver Cronelis of South Africa was 2nd with 6/8.  The event was sponsored by Tanzania Chess Foundation Africa and Kasparov Chess Foundation.

Kenyan Githinji Hinga.

This year’s event is sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa.

IM Elijah Emojong wins the 2015 Tanzania Open

We are fortunate to have some photos of Tanzania which we would like to share with our readers.

Dar es Salaam skyline – photo credit Philipp Steyn.
The port at Dar es Salaam. Photo credit Philipp Steyn.
The new bridge at Kigamboni. photo credit Philipp Steyn.
The beach at Bagamoyo, a small town in Tanzania. Photo credit Philipp Steyn.
Fishing boats in Bagamoyo. Photo credit Philipp Steyn.
The fish market in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Photo credit Philipp Steyn.