Home Chess News Queen of Katwe brings a smile to hundreds of children.

Queen of Katwe brings a smile to hundreds of children.


Queen of Katwe brings a smile to hundreds of children.

I am sure many of you in Kenya must have read the amazing story coming out of the Kenyatta National Hospital last week.

It was a proud moment in Kenyan history when Dr Christopher Musau led a team of 27 doctors and a huge team of medics to separate two year old Siamese twins Blessing and Favour who were conjoined at the hips.

The 23 hour operation conducted at the Kenyatta National Hospital brought a loud cheer on social media and tears of joy from their mum Ms Caroline Mukiri.

You can find more on this story on KNH doctors separate twins.

Fast forward to Monday morning 7th November 2016.  There was more cheers from a small but vibrant group of chess playing kids from the Mukuru area.


Anga Cinema

Over 400 chess playing children and 30 teachers attended a special viewing of the worldwide acclaimed movie ‘Queen of Katwe‘ at the Anga Cinema which is within the Panari Hotel Complex in Nairobi.

The beautiful and imposing Panari Hotel where the cinema is. Photo credit Githinji Hinga.

This was made possible by the generosity of Panari Hotel and other supporters who raised over KES 80,000 (USD 800).  Anga Cinema had offered a special rate of KES 200 (USD 2) per child as compared to the  normal rate of KES 500 to KES 1,000.

Kids waiting to get on to the bus. Photo credit Githinji Hinga.

Two buses had to make 3 trips each to carry the approximately 400 children.

This is going to be a treat!
Terrian Chess Academy Chief Executive Brian Kidula (standing third from left) with the excited kids. Photo credit Githinji Hinga.
You must get in a line! Photo credit Githinji Hinga.
Excitement in the air!
The venue will soon be full. Photo credit Githinji Hinga.
The heroine of the move Phiona Mutesi of Uganda playing at the 2016 Baku Olympiad.

This heart warming story from the the Pearl of Africa will inspire hundreds of our children to seriously take up this game.

A big salute from Kenya Chess Masala to those who organised and sponsored this noble project which will be remembered for a long time.