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2016 African Junior U20 Chess Championship


The small coastal town of Hammamet in Tunisia was the setting for the 2016 African Junior Chess Championship which ran from 25th November to 4th December 2016.

Hammamet is popular with tourists with its fine beaches is about 100 km South East of the capital city Tunis.

The event had 5 African federations in the Open and 3 in the Ladies.  Missing in action from this year’s Africa Junior was powerhouse Egypt and South Africa.

Kenya did not send any players due to the ongoing political turmoil with the federation.  We were however lucky that well know Kenyan chess personality Paras Gudka was there as an arbiter which mean that we were able to get a daily dose of photos!

Our man in Hammanet (photo credit Paras Gudka, www.parasgudka.com)

IM Nassr Ali of Algeria was the clear winner in the Open section with 7.5/9 points.

IM Nassr Ali of Algeria on his way to victory (photo credit Paras Gudka of www.parasgudka.com).

WIM Caxita Esperanca of Angola was the winner in the Ladies section with 6.5/9 points.

WIM Caxita Esperanca of Angola in action. Photo credit Paras Gudka of www.parasgudka.com

Open Section.
Ladies Section.
I have included a summary of the past winners of this prestigious event.
Country Edition Year Open
Tunisia 29th 2016 IM Nassr Ali (ALG)
Seychelles 28th 2015 David Silva (ANG)
Angola 27th 2014 David Silva (ANG)
Algeria 26th 2013 IM Ameir Mobeb (EGY)
South Africa 24th 2011 Erikson Roberto (ANG)
South Africa 21st 2008 FM Karim Wageich (EGY)
Malawi 20th 2007 FM Karim Wageich (EGY)
Botswana 19th 2006 Mwali Chitumbo (ZAM)
Botswana 18th 2005 IM Amin Bassem (EGY)
Zambia 17th 2004 Heinrich (RSA)
Libya 16th 2003 FM Bassem Amin (EGY)
Botswana 16th 2002 IM Johannes Manyedi Mabusela (RSA)
Kenya 11th 1998 IM Robert Gwaze
Kenya 6th 1993 Aderito Pedro (ANG)
Kenya 5th 1992
Country Edition Year Ladies
Tunisia 29th 2016 WIM Caxita Esperanca
Seychelles 28th 2015 WIM Wafa Shahenda (EGY)
Angola 27th 2014 Caxito Esperanca (ANG)
Algeria 26th 2013 Caxito Esperanca (ANG)
South Africa 24th 2011
South Africa 21st 2008 Mellisa Greeff (RSA)
Malawi 20th 2007 Daleen Wiid (RSA)
Botswana 19th 2006 Mellisa Greeff (RSA)
Botswana 18th 2005 WIM Mona Khaled (EGY)
Zambia 17th 2004 J Ellappen (RSA
Libya 16th 2003 Jamila Youngane (MAR)

A summary with further details is shown below;