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A review of a Soviet chess set


A review of a Soviet chess set

We were fortunate to get some photos of an old Soviet made chess set thanks to our good friend Mushfig Habilov who brought the set to the Nairobi Chess Club recently.

Soviet chess set
Russian set on display.

An interesting observation is that the White Queen has a small black top while the Black Queen has a small white top.

Photo from another angle.

Mushfig (who is affectionately called ‘Misha’) was born in Azerbaijan and now lives in Nairobi.  He is the active and hard working Director of Play at Nairobi Chess Club which is the oldest chess club in Kenya having been registered on 26th February 1958.

Container for the pieces which are felted as well.

The plastic set was manufactured in the USSR probably sometime in the late 1970.

The folding board.

The folding chess board is made of cardboard and the set comes with a red plastic container to store the pieces.

Red plastic container.

At the back of the board the cost is shown as 40 Kopek.  You can do the maths – 100 Kopek = 1 Russian Ruble while 1 USD = 60 Russian Rubles.

Mushfig (Misha) Habilov with his charming daughter Maisha who is an honorary member of Nairobi Chess Club.


Tournament Chessmen By Lowe.

House of Martin Chess Set.



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