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GM Kenny Solomon to visit Kenya


The chess tempo in Kenya just moved several notches higher today morning when Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa released details of the upcoming visit to Kenya by GM Kenny Soloman of South Africa.  GM Kenny Solomon will be in Kenya from 10th to 15th February 2017.

GM Kenny Solomon in a pensive mood at the 2016 Baku Olympiad where he played Board 1 for South Africa. Photo by Kim Bhari.

GM Kenny Soloman 2365 is South African’s first Grandmaster and his trip is being sponsored by the Paul Allan Family Foundation in collaboration with Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa.  GM Kenny Soloman is one of the 4 master level players taking part in a tour dubbed “Chess Masters for Africa Tour” or “CMAT”.

The CMAT program will see structured chess training provided across six African countries by Master level players including GM Maurice Ashley (USA), GM Pontus Carlsson (Sweden), GM Kenny Solomon (RSA), IM Andrew Kayonde (Zambia) and IM Arthur Ssegwanyi (Uganda).

The countries to benefit include Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania in a program that runs from February until June 2017.  More than sixty locally based trainers are expected to benefit directly from the program which is also expected to impact more than 1,500 children through indirect training sessions.

36 Kenyan trainers are expected to benefit from this highly anticipated visit.

For more details on one of Africa’s best players please visit –https://kennysolomon.co.za/.